• Caries treatment

    How caries is treated Treatment of tooth decay is to remove affected (altered pathologically) parts of the tooth (enamel and dentin), and then immediately dental sealing, that is, restoring the anatomical form of the tooth with the help of filling materials. Tactics of treatment, the number of stages will depend on the depth of damage … Continue reading "Caries treatment"
  • Treatment of pulpitis

    Algorithm for treating pulpitis Pulpit tooth – sometimes the treatment is carried out in several visits, which depends on the number of root canals in the tooth and the clinical picture that the patient applied to Dental-Euro dentistry. Usually treatment of dental pulpitis with two or more canals is carried out in three visits .. … Continue reading "Treatment of pulpitis"
  • Periodontal treatment

    Periodontitis – a disease in which inflamed tissues (periodontal), surrounding the tooth root. In essence, this is the stage of the disease that occurs after caries and pulpitis. The periodontium is damaged by toxins that secrete bacteria, resulting in an increasing gap between the tooth and the bone all the time. If periodontitis is not … Continue reading "Periodontal treatment"
  • Restoration

    A smile adorns a person, makes him happier, kinder, promotes new acquaintances, emerges sympathy, distinguishes any person from gray, the gloomy mass of others. However, how to be if the teeth are insufficiently smooth and beautiful, do not have the desired color, suffer from caries and other aesthetic defects? Aesthetic dentistry will help. When conducting … Continue reading "Restoration"